prince william aston villa

Aston Villa fan Tom Franklin has been accused of being fiercely proud of the fact that the Duke of Cambridge also supports the Villa Park side, despite being a vocal and staunch anti-royalist.

Franklin, who tweets under the handle @RepublicNow, has often been accused by friends and work colleagues of constantly working into conversations the fact that the second in line to the British crown is an avowed Villain.

Richard Slater, who has known Franklin for six years, said: ‘He shoehorns Prince William’s love of the Villa into every conversation. Last week, we were down the pub wetting my new son’s head, and Tom chimes in with, “Wouldn’t it be great if he was brought up a Villa fan like William’s going to do with George and Charlotte?” I mean, what’s that all about?’

Another long-time acquaintance, Gareth Whitehead, said: ‘He keeps banging on all over Twitter and Facebook that he can’t wait for the day that Charles and Camilla are lined up against the wall and shot, whilst at the same time he emailed me the day before the Cup Final saying, “I wonder if Wills will be presenting the trophy?” It’s his life, I suppose’.

Franklin’s opinion on another famous Villa fan, Prime Minister David Cameron, is unknown, with friends speculating that it is ‘probably surprisingly toadying’, while it is thought that his feelings towards other celebrity Villains, such as rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and Hollywood icon Tom Hanks, are ‘almost certainly too nauseating to even think about’.