Arsenal Fans Plan To Support Players And Manager At Outrageous End Of Season Protest

Arsenal fans attending the club’s final game of the season are planning to lend their full support to the players and manager Arsène Wenger – a stunning protest that is sure to send shockwaves through the corridors of power at Highbury House.

Instead of their usual habit of complaining bitterly as soon as a pass is mis-placed, Gunners followers will instead continue to offer their encouragement as their team takes on relegated Aston Villa.

Season ticket holder Simon Marcus said: ‘I’ve been coming here for years, and in all that time I’ve never heard anyone say anything even vaguely positive about the team. Even when we had Thierry Henry here, people would get on his back. I think they would have been a bit more sensitive had they known Olivier Giroud would end up here.

‘I think it’s a great idea, to actually, y’know, support the team on Sunday. Maybe when Kroenke hears what it’s like when 60,000 people actually get behind what Arsène’s doing, he’ll get the point that we just want Arsenal restored to its rightful position in English football’.

When informed of the supporter’s plans, Wenger said: ‘I don’t listen to them when they’re moaning about Theo Walcott’s lack of a final balll, or Per Mertesacker’s complete lack of pace, so I’m not about to start now. Maybe they’d like Bruce Rioch back and see where that gets them’.

The Gunners go into their final game knowing that a win, coupled by arch-rivals Tottenham losing at Newcastle United, would propel them above their North London neighbours into second place. Which, according to those fans born after 1989, is the least they should be doing.