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Senior officials at Arsenal are locked in discussions about whether or not to add the club’s recent Barclays Asia Trophy success to the list of honours displayed on their website.

The North London giants have in the past avoided adding pre-season trophies to their honour roll, but with Arsenal having won just two competitions in the past ten years – their FA Cup wins in the last two seasons – chairman Stan Kroenke is seriously considering beefing up the club’s list in order to make them more attractive to potential investors.

A source inside the Emirates Stadium said: ‘Trophies have always been important to us, it’s what separated us from Tottenham for example. However, as the trophies have dried up in recent years and fans have clamoured for more success, it makes sense to consider adding the Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup and the Sheriff of London Charity Shield alongside the league and cup wins’.

Should Arsenal go ahead and place these tournament wins on their website, they will be following in the footsteps of their great rivals Spurs, who already celebrate the glory of winning such auspicious competitions as the Costa Del Sol Tournament and, of course, the Peace Cup on their site.