New Crystal Palace Mascot

Crystal Palace have been accused by their fans of taking matters to literal extremes after they unveiled their new mascot ahead of a major re-branding exercise for next season.

Gone are both mascot Pete and The Eagles nickname, as the South Londoners return to their roots with a resumption of their original Glaziers epithet, along with a new mascot – a shiny double glazed window named Glazey.

In another nod to the echoes of former glories past, iconic winger John Salako has been announced as the man who shall be donning the costume at all games played at Selhurst Park.

Palace co-chairman Steve Parish said: ‘We are delighted with our partners at for all their hard work in coming up with a suitable replacement for Pete. We know he was much loved by our loyal followers, but we felt the time was right to let him rest upon his perch, and we’re now all looking forward to a new era with Glazey the Window.

‘Equally, we’re thrilled that John – a hero on our epic FA Cup run of 1990 – has agreed to act as Glazey’s human representative. We’re confident that he’ll bring home the Mascot Derby this year’.

However, the fans aren’t so keen, with season ticket holder Simon Twist speaking for many when he said: ‘I don’t get it. Is it a “windows to the soul” kind of thing? And John Salako? I mean, he was all right, but he was hardly Geoff Thomas now. Couldn’t they have got in Jim Cannon instead?’

Glazey will make his debut when Palace host Tottenham Hotspur on January 23.