Brendan Rodgers yesterday suffered an extraordinary emotional breakdown whilst holding his daily press conference.

The Liverpool manager was discussing the latest contract news concerning winger Raheem Sterling when he suddenly and unexpectedly burst into tears.

He told the assembled journalists: ‘We’ve not had a chance to sit down with Raheem and his representatives yet. But we’re… Christ, what am I doing?… A hundred grand at his age… he’s barely got a full season under his belt…’

It was at this point that Rodgers began to weep uncontrollably, as most of those gathered in the Melwood press room started shuffling uncomfortably in their seats. The sobbing continued for a full minute before Guardian writer Peter Lansley went up to the stricken manager and put his arm around him, promising that everything would be okay.

‘But it won’t, will it Pete?’, Rodgers replied, ‘It’s not going to be okay. Where’s it going to end? Jordan Ibe’s already got a Range Rover. Last week, I caught Jordan [Henderson] checking for armpit stains ahead of his deodorant ad. Seriously, where…’

Suddenly, with Rodgers looking into the middle distance, he exited the room and left the training ground on foot, ignoring requests from fans for autographs and selfies. He has not been seen since, although reports have come in to the Liverpool Echo news desk of a man matching Rodgers’ description offering his shoes to a tramp in the King’s Dock. It is expected that assistant manager Colin Pascoe will take temporary charge until Rodgers can be located.