Manchester United 1902/03

The Football Association today announced that football played before the formation of the Premier League is to be re-branded as proto-football. The terms Foot-Ball and Foote-ball are also to be brought in for those wishing to use other adjectives to describe the prehistoric era of the sport.

Therefore, all matches played before August 1992 have been wiped from football’s records, meaning clubs like Liverpool and Everton have now failed to ever win the league

Explaining the body’s actions, FA chairman Greg Dyke said: ‘While we’re all well aware of the controversy this shall cause, it was felt imperative that a strong distinction be made between the, shall we say, Dark Ages of the game – it’s muddy pitches, terraces, three o’clock Saturday kick-offs, it’s players called Wilf and Bert – and the wonderful, shiny, mega-rich example to the world that is the Premier League. That’s the Barclays Premier League, of course. Or EPL to our foreign fans’.

History now records that, whilst Manchester United remain England’s most successful side, their number of titles has been reduced from twenty to thirteen, with Arsenal and Chelsea following with three each. Manchester City, with two successes, and Blackburn Rovers complete the honours list.