malky mackay

The Football Association are to allow a new era of racism, sexism and homophobia to begin after clearing Malky Mackay and Iain Moody for a series of offensive text messages sent by the pair in 2013.

The texts were sent whilst Mackay was manager of Cardiff City, and Moody his head of recruitment – part of what was alleged to be a cauldron of hatred during their time in charge of the Welsh side.

However, the FA have now finished their investigations, and in refusing to censure the pair, have ushered in a whole new age where intolerance and discrimination can run free.

An FA spokesman said: ‘Anything goes now, boys. You want to sing songs about Spurs fans having no foreskins, go right ahead. You want to talk about a female official’s breasts, feel free. It’s open season for bigotry, big nose’.

Kick it Out, the organisation that aims to tackle racism and discrimination within the football world, has been quick to hit out at the decision, but the FA has retorted by claiming them to be ‘part of a whining, “what-about-the-minorities” liberal elite, that has no place in the new football order’.