blackpool protest

Blackpool have been hit with a £50,000 fine by the Football Association because they felt like it, the organisation has announced.

A spokesman at Wembley Stadium confirmed to reporters that the fine was issued by the governing body in response to chairman Karl Oyston’s face, as well as father Owen’s quirky dress sense.

The spokesman said: ‘The FA can confirm that Blackpool Football Club has been fined £50,000 owing to Mr. Karl Oyston’s smug smile bringing the game into disrepute. In addition, the club have been warned about their future conduct after Mr. Owen Oyston was seen wearing an oversized stetson through the streets of Lytham Saint-Annes’.

Further fines handed out on a particularly busy day included £10,000 to Leeds United ‘because they just look the type. You know what I mean’, £25,000 to Wayne Rooney ‘for looking at us funny’, and a retrospective £3,000 handed down to John Fashanu ‘because God only knows what he got up to during his Wimbledon years’.