sensible world of soccer

Simon Randall, a thirty-seven year old company director from Manchester, has spoken of his disappointment over his son’s opinion that Sensible World of Soccer is ‘complete bollocks’.

The longtime gamer had been waiting until the child, Mason, was old enough to fully appreciate Sensible Software’s 1994 classic, considered by many to be one of the greatest football games ever made, but has been left ‘truly gutted’ by the seven-year-old’s considered opinion.

Randall said: ‘To be completely honest, I’m gutted. He’s spent his whole life playing FIFA and Pro Evo – and not even the good mid-2000’s versions – so I knew he might not appreciate the relative simplicity of the Amiga graphics. But I honestly believed that the core gameplay, which in my opinion is still unmatched, allied to the fact that you could play Manchester City against Indian side Border Security if you so chose, would win him over to the ways of Sensi.

‘Sadly, after half a game, he just said, “Dad, this sucks pixel balls”, and walked off. I don’t think I’ll bother getting Emlyn Hughes International Soccer out now’.

Despite the setback, and the insistence from Randall that he won’t get out his Amstrad CPC6128, he is still keen on running an emulated version of Championship Manager Italia, as soon as he’s explained to the boy that it is basically the same game as Football Manager 2015 just without any graphics whatsoever.