The Ballcock regrets to announce that on Wednesday evening, at around 7.00pm (GMT), it fell victim to the annual pandemic commonly known as ‘Football Manager Fever’, the only cure for which is to take to one’s bed armed with a laptop and fizzy pop, and to remain there until the fever passes, or one’s first managerial attempt ends in failure.

However, having steered Barnet to second place in Sky Bet League Two at the halfway stage of the game’s inaugural season, it is with some confidence that The Ballcock predicts it will be able to return to the real world on Monday, where it shall resume the usual craic and desperate trolling of your favourite football team that has become the hallmark of the occasional bouts of comedy you have grown accustomed to these past few months. Because yes, we really do have it in for your club. Especially Luton. We fucking hate Luton.

Or, to be more precise, we shall desperately attempt to lampoon the weekend’s footballing action, but fail miserably and fall even wider of the comedy mark than that time John Terry thought no one would notice if he just parked in that disabled parking spot for a couple of minutes, because no one will ever know and it will all be fine.

So, until Monday friends…