Frustration As Alberto Moreno Found Out of Position In Bank Queue

Alberto Moreno’s frustrating season came to an undignified end over the weekend after the Liverpool full back found himself hopelessly out of position while trying to deposit a cheque at a Merseyside bank.

The Spanish player was observed on the Prescot Road branch of NatWest’s CCTV footage randomly moving forward during the busiest time of the bank’s business, and neglecting to return to his original position in queue. To the outrage of many Liverpudlians in the queue, Moreno’s reckless lunges forward went unnoticed by members of staff at the time.

One witness, Jimmy ‘Son of Jamie’ Carragher, took to social media to exclaim: ‘Bank manager, planning committee, that bloke who does Bureau de Change and looks a bit like Jürgen Klopp – will one of you bastards sign a fucking security guard! That’s all we’re missing!’

Tensions rose further when Moreno attempted another optimistic hop ahead of the queue when he was caught out by several tourists, who managed to push the 23-year-old back behind them. Then, after going into a permanent sulk, he simply stood behind the three men  for the rest of his duration of business in the bank.

Despite things afterwards quietening down, this did not temper the frustrations of the bank patrons in the queue, with several people seen tutting and mumbling about how Steve Staunton was a more patient and composed queuer.

Liverpool’s management were unavailable for comment, but it is believed that squad’s entire back line will be made to do extra training in the art of queuing when players return to Melwood for pre-season training in July.