The Hamburglar pictured outside FIFA's Zurich headquarters

The fallout from the FIFA racketeering scandal continued today after it emerged that the Hamburglar is wanted for questioning by US authorities investigating accusations of corruption within world football’s governing body.

It is believed that the McDonald’s villain is to be asked about his role in the food chain’s 2014 sponsorship renewal with FIFA, where he has been alleged to have handed out unlimited Happy Meals, and in extreme cases Apple Pies, to FIFA’s ExCo members in order to curry favour with the powers-that-be.

An unnamed source has quoted the Hamburglar, real name Hamilton B. Urglar, as refuting the allegation, saying: ‘Robble robble robble robble’.

Complicating matters however is the fact that the Hamburglar is currently on a publicity tour in Argentina, where McDonald’s have recently unveiled their ‘Gaucho Burger Deluxe’. In light of this, the FBI has issued an extradition order for the 40-year-old career criminal.