kane best

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has drunkenly boasted of Harry Kane’s potential to become the best striker in world football, as the North London club prepare to take on Real Madrid, AC Milan and hosts Bayern Munich in the pre-season Audi Cup.

The Argentinian boss, who admitted to having ‘a drink or two’ in order to calm his nerves ahead of appearing on the same podium as legendary – and superior – managers Josep Guardiola and Rafael Benítez, made the claim in order to appear as if he belonged in such esteemed company.

He told assembled reporters: ‘Look, look, you’ve got to trust me on this, mate. Harry’s got it all, yeah? You think we’d go into the season with only one striker if he wasn’t that good? We know what we’re doing. Rafa, you know he’s got it, right? Pep, you’d have him at Bayern like that (clicks finger). He’s the shit, man. The fucking shit’.

After a quick lie down, which he tried to attribute to jet-lag, Pochettino was later heard to say: ‘Yeah, I might have got a bit carried away there. God, did I really say that? Ah well, he’ll be at Man U this time next year anyway’.

Kane scored thirty one goals in all competitions for Spurs last season, and with the club relying heavily on him for goals in the upcoming season, it is readily believed that he will be ‘found out’ by opposing defenders in time for Christmas.