england womens world cup

England manager Roy Hodgson has demanded that the Three Lions women’s team crack under pressure in their upcoming World Cup Semi-Final clash against Japan.

The 67-year-old is concerned that his side have been overwhelmingly shown up by their female colleagues, and is eager that England teams at all levels maintain the same level of woefulness.

He told reporters: ‘It’s great that the girls have got this far in the tournament. My congratulations to (coach) Mark Sampson and everyone involved. But really, it’s time for them to do the right thing and bottle the semi-final.

‘This isn’t about me you understand, it’s about English football. Look at our Under-21’s. They were absolutely hopeless in their recent tournament. They might as well have not turned up. That’s exactly the kind of message I want us to be sending out. This lot, with their incredible win against Canada? What does that say about the rest of us? They’re making us look like right mugs’.

When this quote was put to Sampson, he replied: ‘Naturally I’m disappointed. It’s almost as if the FA wants us to fail. Why? So we can make Wayne Rooney look less bad? Because we’re women? Fuck that’.

England’s tie against Japan, which will see the winners face either Germany or the USA in the final, takes place in Edmonton on July 1.