Internet Trolls Unite To Declare Amnesty On Leicester City

The internet’s leading network of trolls have come together to issue a statement that Leicester City are no longer fair game, as the Foxes close in on their first ever League Championship.

The King Power Stadium side have been, according to the trolls, just one defeat away from completely unravelling all season long, but with a seven point gap now existing between Leicester and closest rivals Tottenham Hotspur, it has been decided to cease posting all snide remarks on any of the internet’s numerous forums and comments sections.

Andrew Jobson, a regular poster of pejorative messages on a number of Leicester City Facebook pages, said: ‘We’ve had a chat, and we’re going to give Leicester a break; they deserve to be where they are, and are clearly not going to fall apart if Jamie Vardy gets injured. Especially with just six games left. But they’ll be fucked if Wes Mor…no, no, I made a promise. A man must be as good as his word’.

Old Holborn, Britain’s most notorious keyboard warrior, wrote on Twitter: ‘Leicester are strictly off limits. Anyway, there’s more than enough to go on with the Panama Papers right now #CameronsDad’.

However, a few trolls have refused to bow to pressure, with @BrexitTom writing: ‘Fuck off Holborn,they’re still fucking shit no matter what people say. Best league in the world my fucking arse’.

Although the Foxes enjoy a healthy lead over their rivals, they would do well to remember the plight of Manchester United in 2012, who, despite leading by the same amount of points with the same amount of matches left to play, still finished the season runners up to rivals Manchester City.

Leicester continue their march to national domination with a trip to relegation-threatened Sunderland on April 10.