Jamie Vardy Promises To Party Sensibly Ahead Of Everton Clash

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has promised that his highly anticipated party will be a low key celebration, as the newly crowned Premier League champions still have two games left to play this season.

The 29-year-old, who was scored twenty-two league goals this season, and been personally rewarded with the FWA Footballer of the Year Award, has insisted that only a couple of beers will be quaffed during the party, and even then it will only be done so by reserve players and unimportant back room staff members.

Vardy said: ‘There’s going to be finger food, a bottle of champagne – purely to uncork of course – and I’m breaking out my PS2 if anyone fancies a go on SingStar. And everybody’s been told – on no account am I getting in Chinese food. Just in case’.

Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel said: ‘I get that he didn’t want to arrange it after the season, because he’ll be going to the Euros, but still – he could have always put it on after England are knocked out in the first round. Whatever, it will be good to celebrate in a responsible and mature way, with nobody being spitroasting, or stubbing cigars out in eyes, and the like’.

Vardy added: ‘Jamie Vardy’s having a party in a safe and sensible manner slags!!!’

Leicester will be officially crowned champions after their home tie against Everton on May 7.