Lancashire Man Comes Out To Surprised Friends As Lifelong Leicester City Fan

Following Leicester City’s confirmation as Premier League champions, reports this morning are surfacing that Bolton man – and presumed Manchester United fan – Keith Bradshaw has outed himself as a Foxes supporter, after spending the last six months saying that he ‘knew they would win the title one day, it’d been coming for years’.

Bradshaw, a 40 year old HGV delivery driver, lives in the Lostock area of Bolton with his wife Jane 38 and two sons, Ferguson, 11, and Trafford, 8. Also sharing the family home is  3-year-old family labrador Moyesy.

Despite friends and neighbours having been led to believe that he has been a militant Manchester United fan since watching the Red Devils clinch their first double on television in 1994, having apparently turning his back on his then-beloved Leeds United who had won the 1991/92 First Division, Bradshaw strongly denies such claims and has recently cited a longstanding affiliation to the city of Leicester and it’s proud footballing heritage.

He said: ‘Look, my Uncle Dave’s cousin’s wife was born in Coalville, which as everyone knows is  just outside Leicester and lived there for the first three years of her life until her family relocated to Aberdeen, so I’ve always felt the blood of the foxes running in my veins. On top of that, I’m always driving on the M1 with work and regularly stop off at the Leicester Forest East service station for a Burger King and a quick go on the fruit machines. Also, that Mark Wallington was a bit of all right in goal, eh?’

Bradshaw went on to add that when studying history at secondary school, he always got a cold feeling down his left arm whenever King Richard III was mentioned, further strengthening his ties to the city.

When asked if he would be attending any Foxes games next season, Bradshaw said that due to working commitments and the distance between his current dwelling and home of his forefathers in Leicester, he would find it difficult to attend regularly but would make an effort to go to at least one champions league game at the King Power Stadium, ‘especially if we get Real or Barça’, he exclaimed.