Lee Martin 'Glad To Discuss Anything But 1990 FA Cup' As Palace And United Repeat Classic Final

Lee Martin has said that he is happy to talk about anything other than his role in the 1990 FA Cup Final as Manchester United and Crystal Palace booked their places at the football showpiece over the weekend.

The left back scored the winning goal in the Wembley replay to secure Sir Alex Ferguson’s first title as Old Trafford chief, a strike that led to a twenty-year period of domestic dominance for the Red Devils.

However, the 48-year-old has moved on with his life, and no longer wishes to be remembered solely for his match-winning heroics, telling friends: ‘If the media wants to ask me about my coaching work with Chester, or the stuff I do for the Cheshire community, then fine. But the first person to pipe up with “what did it feel like to save Fergie’s job” gets a slap. Even if it’s Jacqui Oatley.

‘I couldn’t give more of a fuck’, the former England Under-21 continued, ‘Let them ask me, and see how serious I am. I’ve done things, you know. I’m more than one fucking goal twenty six years ago’.

As if to prove his intent, Martin was later spotted chasing a United fan down Cheadle High Street after he was asked if he could sign a vintage shirt from the 1989/90 season.

United are overwhelming favourites to land their twelfth FA Cup when the two sides line up on May 21.