pablo zabaleta

Teammates of Pablo Zabaleta are said to be ‘disturbed’ at the fact that the Manchester City defender clearly has the legs of a woman, despite being a thirty-year-old man.

The Argentinian’s colleagues struggle to take their eyes off his  hairless calves and thighs, moving some to wonder what he’d look like in a pair of high heels.

Captain Vincent Kompany, who arrived at the Etihad Stadium alongside Zabaleta in 2008, said: ‘From the waist up, clearly he’s a man. But below the crotch, well he reminds me of my wife, only with longer legs. It’s not a sexual thing, it’s just… slightly weird’.

Fellow Argentinian and roommate Sergio Agüero said: ‘Sometimes you don’t know where to look. Me and Edin (Džeko) asked him once if he had electrology, or if he shaved it himself, but he said no, God just made him that way and that he’s learned to live with having the legs of the opposite sex.

‘He’s got chica legs homes,’ he added.

Zabaleta, lady legs and all, is expected to be in City’s starting lineup when they open their Premier League campaign at West Bromwich Albion on August 10.