James Milner

James Milner has said that Liverpool’s inability to challenge for top honours and ridiculous wage offer convinced him to sign for the Anfield giants.

Milner, who will – despite the arrival of Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton – undoubtedly prove to be Liverpool’s only singing of any real merit in the summer transfer window, is expected to fill the large, ultimately disappointing hole left by captain Steven Gerrard’s departure to Los Angeles Galaxy.

Milner told reporters: ‘What you have to bear in mind, and what I think City discovered early on, is that I’m a fantastic utility player. I can play a number of different positions perfectly adequately. However, if you’re looking to build a team around me, and if I’m playing centre midfield, then boy you’re in trouble. You’re not going to win shit like that’.

The 29-year-old continued: ‘I struggled to get into a City side that won two league titles in four years. What the hell do they expect me to do here? I’ve proven time and again that I can’t deliver the big trophies, but I can fill in pretty well for better players. But, hey, if they’re mad enough to pay me £150,000 a week, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut’.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said: ‘We’re thrilled that James chose to join us. Even though we were the only ones willing to pay such a ridiculous amount for a glorified reserve. We’re sure that we’ll be able to let down our thousands of fans around the world in real abject style this season’.