Mourinho Wenger handshake

Chelsea manager José Mourinho has reacted to Arsenè Wenger’s complaints over the Stamford Bridge side’s controversy-laden 2-0 home victory over Arsenal by suggesting that they both take some time to think over things before hugging it out at a later date.

Wenger was incensed by a number of decisions that went against his side in the Premier League game, which included two sendings off for the Gunners, as well as opposing striker Diego Costa escaping without punishment for a number of provocative incidents that has led the Frenchman to call for retrospective punishment.

However, speaking after the game, a victorious Mourinho said: ‘Arsenè knows that these things happen, and perhaps he also regrets not having a player like Diego on his side who can get in the face of the opposition and make a nuisance of himself. Always he tries to win with style and dignity, and that is great. But to that I say, how many titles has it won in the last decade? How many Champions League trophies?’

Mourinho continued: ‘I think now, what he should do is go back to his lovely home, have a drink, maybe unwind with some quality time with Mrs. Wenger, and then come back to me in a few days when we can hug this thing out and move on. Whether he chooses this or not is up to him, but the offer is there, because I’m the better man’.

This latest result now means that Wenger has only bested Mourinho once in fifteen attempts, and heralds a potential revival in Chelsea’s fortunes after a slow start to the season.