Qatar World Cup Stadium

The organisers of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup have insisted that the estimated 1,200 migrant workers said to have died during construction of stadiums in the Emirate are in fact simply resting up in preparation for a big building push over the next two years.

It has been reported that over 4,000 workers will die over the course of construction, a figure rebuffed as overblown, due to the fact that none of those people, largely from Nepal, Bangladesh and India, are actually dead but simply having a really long, really deep nap.

A Qatar spokesman said: ‘Obviously, construction on this scale is a very demanding job. It’s only natural that people need to take long, well-earned naps, and we’re seeing that here. Look at them, they’re exhausted. It’s easy to see why there might be some confusion here, what with them not moving, and smelling rotten. But what do you expect? They’ve been sleeping for a very long time now, and so they’ve not had a chance to wash. Seriously, there is no story here’.

He continued: ‘These figures are a product of Western lies drummed up to turn the so-called ‘Developed’ world against us. We have had not a single complaint from any migrant worker since we started, nor do we expect to receive one.’