Sergio Busquets has hinted that Pedro, currently being targeted by Manchester United, may well decide to have kippers for his breakfast instead of his usual bowl of summer fruits.

The Barcelona forward is wanted by Louis van Gaal to bolster his attacking options, but it seems Pedro is more concerned about whether or not to have toast with his kippers, and even possibly spoiling himself further with a blueberry muffin.

Speaking ahead of a friendly match against United in Santa Clara, Busquets told reporters: ‘Yes, I have spoken to him but I can’t tell you what he decided. Clearly, he’s struggling to choose between strawberry and raspberry jam.

‘I can’t tell him what to do – he must decide for himself’, the Spanish international continued, ‘but if I were in his shoes I’d look at my Rice Krispies, and Lionel’s (Messi) huevos rancheros, and think that maybe, yes, there is more to an early morning meal than a couple of melon slices lightly covered in Greek yoghurt’.

Sources within Barça’s training camp have said that Pedro is still undecided, and is now torn between waffles or fluffy pancakes.