slaven bilic

West Ham United manager Slaven Bilić has used his morning press conference to open up about the time he watched a man watching another man watching yet another man drown.

The Croat, whose side progressed to the fourth round of the Emirates FA Cup at the weekend after dispatching a determined Wolverhampton Wanderers side by a single goal, decided to share his distressing memory after keeping it to himself for over a decade.

Bilić, looking even more haunted than usual, said: ‘It was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. I was walking my dog Schatzi down by the beach when I witnessed it. I thought: why won’t that man help him? He’s dying! Then I thought: why doesn’t that other man help him? Why is he just watching this person watching this other person die? Then I realised that I was no better than them, watching this man watching that man watching that other man drown. It made me sad for a moment, but then he disappeared into the undertow, and Shatzi ran up to me with a stick in his mouth, and his tail wagging furiously, and the moment passed. Christ, I miss that dog’.

There was silence for a moment in the Chadwell Heath training ground press room, before Bilić opened the floor up to questions, none of which were forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the Hammers will look to continue their unlikely push towards the Premier League’s Champions League places when they travel to AFC Bournemouth tomorrow.