Sources: Tim Sherwood Drunkenly Claiming Credit For Tottenham Title Challenge

Tim Sherwood continues to insist that his brief tenure as Tottenham Hotspur manager two years ago is the reason for the North London club’s unlikely push towards the top of the Premier League.

The 47-year-old was promoted to the White Hart Lane hot seat halfway through the 2013-14 season, following the departure of André Villas-Boas. However, his tenure was brief, and he in turn was replaced by current boss Mauricio Pochettino after just six months in charge.

Speaking from a bar stool in a Borehamwood pub, a drunk Sherwood told anyone who would listen: ‘They’d be nothing without me. Nothing. Who’d you think gave Harry Kane that confidence-building run in the first team? Who was it that first plonked Nabil Bentaleb in the side, and then played him until his legs and most of his potential was shot? Not the fucking Poch, mate. Christ, I don’t feel good’.

Following a trip to the toilets, he continued: ‘You know that Dele Alli? That was me, that was. I told Levy to go for him. And Eric Dier. I’d have put him in central midfield too, given the chance. But what do I get? Eh? I’ll tell you what: a fucking P-45 and a place in the rent-a-gob seat on Match of the Day. Bastards, the lot of them’.

Tottenham, who currently occupy second place, are expected by their entire fanbase to commence their annual bottle job when they travel to the Etihad Stadium to take on rivals Manchester City on Sunday.