Raheem Sterling

Liverpool are refusing to believe Raheem Sterling’s claim that a sudden loss of his left leg is causing him to miss pre-season training.

Sterling is determined to leave the Anfield giants, and has refused to ever play again for manager Brendan Rodgers. However, his assertion that he woke up yesterday morning missing his limb isn’t being bought by the club.

The 20-year-old left a voicemail message on the club’s customer services line saying: ‘Yeah, this is Raheem, hope all is well with you. Just to let you know I won’t be in for training today because when I woke up I did a big sneeze and my left peg fell off. I’ll be back in as soon as it grows back. Cheers’.

A source close to Rodgers said: ‘This is ridiculous. He could have at least tried to come up with a plausible excuse like he had man flu, or that his dog ran away. If his leg has fallen off, what’s he doing driving to Eastlands to negotiate with Manchester City against our wishes?’

Sterling had already refused to join his employers on their close season trip to the Far East and Australia, and now seems determined to depart before the start of the new campaign.