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Idiots across Great Britain are turning their moronic opinions from current affairs to football as the new season gets underway over the next two weeks.

Senior officials at Arsenal are locked in discussions about whether or not to add the club’s recent Barclays Asia Trophy success to the list of honours displayed on their website.

Arsenal have called in the services of singing sensation Taylor Swift as they look to convince Chelsea to part with goalkeeper Petr Čech.

Featuring player-hungry Manchester United, saintly Harry Kane, car-botherer Arturo Vidal and more

The Department for Work and Pensions has announced the signing of Abou Diaby, following the midfielder’s release from Arsenal.

‘Hi fellow Gooners. Here’s my handy guide to the festering world of shit’.

The giant green biped has spoken of his displeasure at how his species are portrayed in the highly-anticipated film.

Arsenal’s record-breaking twelfth FA Cup victory has today been called into question after it was revealed their 4-0 win Aston Villa was due to a glitch in the Matrix, causing an unusual instance of déjà vu to occur at Wembley Stadium.