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Simon Randall, a thirty-seven year old company director from Manchester, has spoken of his disappointment over his son’s opinion that Sensible World of Soccer is ‘complete bollocks’.

A hipster is today facing the impossible task of having to choose between managing Dulwich Hamlet or Clapton in his new Football Manager 2016 save game.

The Ballcock regrets to announce that on Wednesday evening, at around 7.00pm (GMT), it fell victim to the annual pandemic commonly known as ‘Football Manager Fever’, the only cure for which is to take to one’s bed armed with a laptop and fizzy pop, and to remain there until the fever passes, or one’s first managerial attempt ends in failure.

This guy down the pub is totally lying when he says that he’s seen Portuguese legend Tó Madeira in action, as he never actually existed in real life, which literally everyone knows, right?

Eddie Howe has spoken of his belief that his AFC Bournemouth side can survive their maiden year in the Premier League after simulating their season in Football Manager 2015 without resorting to any cheats.

How I keep getting overlooked is beyond me. What does Manuel Pellegrini offer that I can’t? I won the Champions League with Rhyl.