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A London man is struggling to find either the right time or the courage to admit to his wife that a major football tournament is taking place this summer.

Plans are afoot to rename the Championship “The Ipswich Town Level League” as a tribute to Ipswich’s remarkable achievement of not getting relegated or promoted in fifteen seasons.

The Nigerian Football Federation have announced that Harry Redknapp has agreed to become the national team manager, and that the appointment will be confirmed once he has forwarded them his full bank details.

Every single problem faced by football has been resolved in one fell swoop after a new visual identity was unveiled for the Premier League.

A state of emergency has been declared throughout the football world after the sport struggled through an entire week where nothing controversial occurred whatsoever.

A new study published today provides conclusive proof that every single male in the United Kingdom has – at sometime in his youth – gone for a trial at League 2 side Barnet.

Liverpool’s star players on the very best ways to scrump, and the choicest apples to pick

From the moment a ball was first kicked in anger, football has been constantly evolving, until finally becoming the financial and emotional behemoth we know and love today. Here, we look at the most defining moments over the course of the last 150 years.

Self-confessed football hipster Clarence Odenkirk’s presentation of his complete collection of Panini Football albums from the 1980s to Gillian Andrews resulted in ‘mild, healf-hearted fumbling’, he reported today.

A 25-year-old mini football has been placed in temporary charge of FIFA following the 90-day suspension of president Sepp Blatter, as all prospective human replacements have been found to also be under investigation by Swiss authorities investigating widespread corruption within the governing body.

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has reacted to criticisms over his team’s lack of defensive awareness by dismissing completely the entire notion of defending, a stance that is sure to come as no surprise to anyone who has visited the Emirates Stadium in the last nine years.

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has today unveiled the first of his Socialist policies by announcing that football in the United Kingdom will be nationalised should his party win the next general election.