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Rémi Garde, who has left Aston Villa after five months in charge, has spoken of his pride at being able to redefine the meaning of the word ‘hopeless’ in the short time he sat in the Villa Park hotseat.

Tim Sherwood continues to insist that his brief tenure as Tottenham Hotspur manager two years ago is the reason for the North London club’s unlikely push towards the top of the Premier League.

Mit Doowrehs, the man who has suddenly risen from nowhere to become the heavily favoured candidate for the Aston Villa hotseat, has said that he has never heard of previous incumbent Tim Sherwood.

Tim Sherwood has been sacked by Aston Villa, leaving behind a record of blaming his players for his own inadequacies more than any of his Villa Park predecessors.

Tim Sherwood has astounded journalists after performing an impromptu cover version of Joe Kinnear’s now-classic ‘You’re A Cunt’ press conference from 2008.