Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood has astounded journalists after performing an impromptu cover version of Joe Kinnear’s now-classic ‘You’re A Cunt’ press conference from 2008.

Witnesses have said that the Aston Villa manager’s tribute to Kinnear’s foul-mouthed rant towards a host of journalists at his first meeting after taking over as manager of Newcastle United was even better than the original.

The Sun’s Midlands football reporter Graeme Bryce, who was in the audience at Villa’s Bodymoor Heath training ground, said: ‘It came out of nowhere. But, my God, it was perfect. Far better than Joe managed. Someone asked him about Christian Benteke’s future, and Sherwood replied by saying, “Which one of you is Sean Custis?” When Sean put his hand up, Tim said, “You’re a cunt”. It spiralled from there really’.

Sherwood then asked where in the room The Mirror’s James Nursey was: ‘He told me I was absolutely fucking out of order, and then threatened to ban me from Villa Park’, Nursey said. ‘It was a tour de force. The work of a real genius. It was as if Joe was in the room’.

In total, Sherwood uttered eleven fucks, three fuckings, and one cunt, numbers very similar to Kinnear.