syrian refugees

Tottenham Hotspur are set to join a host of leading European football clubs in donating towards the ever-growing Syrian refugee crisis by deploying unwanted striker Emmanuel Adebayor to areas where help is needed the most.

As the European transfer window slammed shut on September 1, Spurs found themselves still in possession of the Togolese forward – who had said that he would only leave if the club paid off the remainder of his £100,000 per week contract – and with Tottenham unwilling to spend £5 million to get the player off their books, were left unsure of what to do with Adebayor for the rest of the season.

However, with the wave of refugees fleeing a nation torn asunder by Islamic State now reaching epic proportions, chairman Daniel Levy has decided to follow the lead of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in donating their time and effort to the ever-growing humanitarian crisis.

Levy told the club’s website: ‘Like everyone, all of us here at Tottenham are deeply moved by the desperate images of dying children and people fighting to get on trains bound for western Europe. To that end, we’ve decided to send Manu to Budapest to help in any way he can.

‘Whether it’s posting images of him feeding hungry families onto Instagram, or him tweeting about how charitable he is with his time and money, it can only be of greater help to these people than it is to have him polluting our Academy lads’.

Adebayor is expected to arrive in Hungary later today, where his mere presence is expected to be found unwelcoming by all involved.