Tragedy On The Underground As Spurs Fan Fails To Mind The Gap

London Underground’s Victoria Line ground to a halt yesterday after a man wearing a Tottenham Hotspur shirt was tragically struck by an oncoming train after ignoring notices to mind the gap at Seven Sisters station.

Twenty one-year-old Michael Simmons was on his way to a specially arranged Tottenham v Arsenal supporters charity match, where he was scheduled to play at right back, when the tragedy occurred.

A witness said: ‘It was terrible. Everyone who uses the Tube knows to mind the gap. But his mind seemed to be somewhere else, and he just went under. The similarities to this and Tottenham’s awful run-in are uncanny’.

Another person on the scene remarked that he, ‘seemed to be forever in a shadow, which is weird considering how well-lit stations are’.

Simmons’ Arsenal supporting friends were amongst the first to pay tribute to their fallen pal, with many posting a gif on Facebook showing how all the momentous events that had occurred since he’d been born. One fan even created an image showing how many trophies the Gunners had amassed since Simmons’s birth in May 1995.

Frankie Williams, Simmons’ Arsenal-supporting best friend since primary school, said: ‘He’ll be greatly missed. We had great bantz, even if they never finished above us in his lifetime. I always told him to mind that gap. He never listened’.

There was a further tribute paid to the soft drinks bottle designer by his beloved Spurs, who dedicated their 5-1 capitulation to already-relegated Newcastle United to the tragic youngster.