Twitter wags are currently embroiled in a bitter fight as to how best to refer to Chelsea after they suffered the indignity of a seventh league defeat of the season.

In a split roughly drawn down the middle of the social media line, people are largely unsure whether to refer to manager José Mourinho’s flops as ChelsLOL or ChLOLsea.

Longtime Twitter user @Shankly65 said: ‘It’s ChelsLOL all the way for me M8. The other way doesn’t even make sense’.

Taking a contrary point was @LoneBushRanger, who wrote: ‘All you ChelsLOL mugs don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re as clueless as Diego Costa’s runs. #ChLOLsea’.

Mourinho was forced to watch the Pensioner’s defeat away from the Britannia Stadium, after being forced to serve a one-match ground ban. However, it is believed that the hotel where he stayed received a phone call from a room towards the end of the match asking for porn to be put on the guest’s television.

Chelsea find themselves cut even further adrift from the four Champions League places, and hope that an immediate change in form can be enough to prevent them from having to take part in the Europa League next season.