Jack Warner FUA

EA Sports have announced that they will be adding Ultimate Administrator to FIFA 16 ahead of Christmas.

Available as extra DLC, gamers will get the chance to play as a host of characters from FIFA’s current and past roster of members.

The aim of the mode will be to accrue as many US Dollars as possible through various ways, such as accepting bribes for voting for prospective World Cup hosts and pocketing cash intended for use in poor African and Caribbean countries.

EA Sports chief operating officer Peter Moore said: ‘We’re very excited about this new mode, as we’re constantly trying to make the FIFA series as realistic as possible. For example this year, as well as giving players a chance to live the kind of life even the most despicable despot would think might be going a bit too far, we’ve also added women’s teams for the first time. So yeah, we feel there’s something for everyone this year’.

Moore also revealed details of Ultimate Administrator Legends, which enables gamers to play as such administrative icons as João Havelange, Julio Grondona and Chuck Blazer, with a rogue Jack Warner – who has the ability to self-implode at any time – added as an XBox One exclusive.

Ultimate Administrator will be available on XBox Live and PlayStation Plus from December 23.