A gamer is today celebrating scoring a goal in FIFA 15 that looked as if it had been scored in FIFA 15.

Tom ’T-Squared’ Taylor, one of the gaming world’s most celebrated players, scored the goal during an offline match against one of his closest friends.

Taylor said: ‘I’ve scored many goals in my FIFA career, but to be honest this one topped the lot.

‘It was almost as if it was programmed by EA Sports itself, so precise was the execution.’

The match, played between Taylor’s Barcelona and friend Chris ‘Slacker’ Slackey’s Borussia Dortmund, was all-square at five goals apiece when the professional gamer scored his wonder goal.

With two minutes remaining on the clock, and using Lionel Messi, Taylor embarked on a slaloming run that involved three pirouettes, two shoulder feints and a rainbow kick, before he rounded the on-rushing goalkeeper and finished with a rabona into the bottom corner.

‘It’s amazing’, Slackey commented, ‘You see these goals scored in a video game all the time, so to see it happen in a video game is a truly amazing thing. Even I ended up appreciating it, what with T-Sqaured replaying the goal five times from five different angles’.