arsenal delorean

Arsène Wenger last night rued the fact that he couldn’t celebrate Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Champions League favourites Bayern Munich by returning to his Totteridge home in his flying car.

The Gunners boss, who sported two ties during the post-match press conference, finally saw his side record their first win at the third attempt in their Champions League group, thus reviving hopes of progressing to the knockout stages.

He told reporters: ‘Obviously I am pleased that we managed to overcome what was our toughest challenge to date. However, it would be even better if the DeLorean I’ve just bought could fly through the North London night, rather than getting stuck on the Holloway Road’.

Arsenal were indebted to striker Olivier Giroud for the opening goal, who appeared to bundle the ball in with the use of his hand, but Wenger refused to acknowledge the element of luck behind the strike, saying: ‘These things happen from time to time, so we are happy that on this occasion the decision has gone our way. But how much better would it be if he could have celebrated the goal by jumping on a hoverboard and using it to high-five a fan in the upper tier?’

Bayern boss Josep Guardiola was philosophical in defeat, saying: ‘It’s tough, but that’s football. We’ve got another three games to look forward to, and I’m sure we’ll qualify. We’re going to go back to the hotel, pound some beers and rehydrate a few pizzas’.

Arsenal and Bayern Munich meet again in the next round of fixtures, on November 4.