Silvia Neid

Germany coach Silvia Neid has launched a scathing attack on the players at the Women’s World Cup, accusing them of not cheating enough.

Neid’s side comprehensively beat the Ivory Coast 10-0 in their opening game, and are considered one of the favourites to go all the way in Canada.

However, she is not entirely pleased with what she’s seen so far, saying: ‘For me, the underlying problem is still, will we be taken seriously. If the players in this competition continue to be fair and sporting, and don’t start cheating and displaying general bad behaviour before the end of the group stages, I fear we will fail to capture the attention of the public’.

Neid continued: ‘Apart from that elbow incident in the England-France game, where have been the outrageous acts? Why are players not surrounding the referee every time a decision goes against them?

‘We need to see more diving, more spitting, more imaginary card waving after an innocuous challenge. More, always more’.

Germany continue their quest for World Cup glory today, where they are expected to kick lumps out of anything Thai that moves.